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I am a SENr Graduate Performance Nutritionist and ISAK level 1 Anthromometrist.

Providing evidence-based, personalised tailored sports nutritional solutions to support you through any stage of your training schedule, optimising performance whilst maintaining optimum health and wellbeing.  



Optimisation of nutrition to enhance performance and support recovery

I work with athletes, from recreational to elite, on a one-to-one basis to formulate nutritional plans specifically designed to optimise performance, whilst personal sporting goals. 

With first hand experience of working with endurance athletes, Semi Professional Football Players and Body Builders.

Working closely with coaches or clients training plans to provide plans, whether the advice is to provide nutritional support aimed at competition or race day/week, or throughout training season.  

Tailored services can include weekly or daily accountability check-ins, whats app or email support, weekly dietary analysis, and tailored nutritional plans.  

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I can provide nutritional education for clubs and schools. Club Sessions will be sport specific to maximise performance and recovery.  

School-based education is interactive and based on practical workshop scenarios to enhance understanding of correct fueling and healthy choices based on a food-first approach to understand the importance of pre-training and recovery meals and snacks.

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