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LC Nutrition provides clients with advice and guidance, tailored to individuals' needs to address a variety of requirements, from weight management and disease prevention to exercise and performance nutrition.  With a researched and responsible approach to optimising health through the right nutritional advice.

Linda prides herself in offering tailered plans for clients, despite this she understand that it is important to also offer structured pricing. 

Consultations can be carried out face-to-face in my Shotley-based clinic or via video call.  


Please do call for a chat if you have any questions.  


I offer nutritional support and advice to people involved in most sports whether requiring help understanding correct fueling for amateur participation or wanting to optimise performance. 

Due to the complex nature and requirements of performance nutrition please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.  

A free 15 minute consultation is required with all new clients 

£ P.O.A

Educational group sessions from £150.00


I pride myself on being able to provide bespoke nutritional advice and services with the view that all clients require different advice and support.  Please contact me if you do not see anything that fits your requirements.

A free 15-minute telephone consultation is required with all new clients.

Dietary analysis

An in-depth look at your diet, you prove us with either a 4 or 7 day weighed food diary for us to analyse.  You will receive a thorough written report, with personalised dietary advice based on your goals, and a follow-up 20-minute consultation.  


45-minute consultation
In-depth consultation based on nutritional goals and received recommendations (does not include dietary analysis)


30-60 minute consultation
Follow up on dietary analysis or initial consultation, evaluate goals and adapt nutritional plans if required (does not include dietary analysis)


60-75 minute consultation inc Dietary Assessment
In-depth goal-specific nutritional recommendation includes a 60-minute consultation to discuss the outcome of indepth dietary analysis based on a 4 or 7 day food diary to look at dietary deficiencies. 


Blood Analysis

Blood science analysis is uniquely developed to understand the intricate interplay of the body systems and their implications on your optimal health.  As a practitioner, we discuss your specific symptoms, medical and family history to understand which test is right for you.  



All Weight management plans are personalised, based on your requirements and goals. 

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